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Brigitte Wolf: Stained Glass Artist


I have been working in stained glass for over 30 years.  My work is primarily flat glass, intended for private and public spaces, enhanced with sandblasting and glass painting.

Traditional stained glass achieves much of its effect through the transmission of light.  The mood of a piece changes with the light coming through it and it is this mysterious element which is the most challenging for an artist to learn to work with.  Marc Chagall, who was both a painter and renowned glass artist, once said that “Colour carries the emotional content of a work of art.”

In my work, I am constantly looking for inspiration in the world around me.  When we walk through the world with our eyes wide open everything feeds the creative fire.

Colours and forms in nature will suggest themes for a panel.  Geometric patterning is endlessly inspiring.  As is the language of architecture, traditional elements creep in, such as quilt designs, early Celtic Art, especially from the La Tene period, the Bayeux Tapestry. 

In a move towards a more abstract direction I started a series entitled “Jazz Variations” by taking random sandblasted elements and building a design around them. I took the title from the improvisational nature of Jazz music which nonetheless achieves its own structure.

Going back to nature, and inspired by a client's request, I started a new series with TREES as the main focus.  The tree images are derived from my own photographs and I used photo resist to sandblast the images on flashed or painted glass. 

I am always interested in meeting new clients and helping them to find creative ways to bring beauty into their environment through glass. If you have a project in mind, please see my website and follow the link to Custom Work to better understand the commissioning process.

I have been a long time resident of Huron County now living in Goderich and am pleased to be a part of this local group of artists at the Co-op Gallery. 

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