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November - December 2021 Guest Artist

Photography Club of Bayfield


 Photography Club of BayfieldPhotography Club of Bayfield


For anyone interested in photography, there is a dedicated group of amateur photographers in Bayfield ready to encourage you.
The Photography Club of Bayfield has been in existence for 12 years, and presently has 45 active members.
One of the club’s founding members, Mr. Jack Pal, feels that a mandate for the club is to help people to “really look, and feel the scene, as much as see the world around us”.
Digitization has opened the field of amateur photography to everyone. Gone are the days when a photographer had to keep in mind the cost of each picture taken. And, while that photographer may have had a vision of what he wanted to achieve, unless he had his own processing equipment, he had no say in the final appearance of his photos, the commercial processor simply cranked out all photos on a roll of film in the same way.
All that has changed. New technology means that everyone has a camera ready at all times, within that ubiquitous digital phone. Digital photography allows anyone to “process” their own pictures on a computer or tablet, or even on their phone, and taking and “processing” a hundred images is no more expensive than taking one.
The current advances in cameras allow photographers much more personalization, and artfulness in their photography. Technological advancements, however, do not replace the artistic vision of the photographer; which still requires imagination, to “really see”, and envision the final image. A photographer wants to be able to “capture” a moment with the camera, in order to share the experience. Learning how to use the camera to express and share that personal artistic vision, is what photography is all about.
If your interest lies in learning photographic techniques, the Photography Club of Bayfield is the place for you. They require no expertise, or expensive equipment. Their aim is to help anyone interested to become a better photographer. Equipment is secondary to the simple desire to take good photos. Club members will help anyone to learn photography from the ground up; how to get the best from their own equipment, how to “see” the scene, to envision the eventual result, and how to learn from each other. .
The club meets once per month, either in person, or via Zoom. They also plan monthly photo shoots. With the magic of technology, they have been able to invite guest speakers from all over the world. Topics for meetings are selected by members, and range from how a camera works, how to set up a shot, as well as more specialized techniques for portraits, wildlife, macro, landscapes, journalism, and sports photography. Periodically, they return to basics, with a “Photography 101” session, for everyone.
We invite you to visit this interesting exhibit of photographs taken by the members of the Photography Club of Bayfield; you might find you also see familiar scenery in a different way through the eyes of a skilled photographer.  The display will be on view from the first of November to the end of December, at the Goderich CoOp Gallery.
As we prepare the Gallery for the Christmas season, you will find our annual Silent Auction, as well as a variety of crafters, displaying handmade items for some gift ideas. Just in time for Christmas, we will be displaying new art, and we are ready to help you to find that “perfect” gift. Despite the continuing Covid restrictions, we aim to be as festive for the upcoming season as possible!
Hand sanitizing, masks, and social distancing, will continue. Drop in, from Wednesday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., to the Goderich CoOp Gallery, 54 Courthouse Square, lower level, where you will always find a member artist to welcome you.
by Judy Barker
GCG Member

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