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September 2021 Guest Artist

PASTELS! by Lois Fuchs


Lois Fuchs Lois Fuchs
The Goderich CoOp Gallery welcomes pastel artist Lois Fuchs as our guest artist for September. 
Let me say first of all, how fortunate we are that Lois Fuchs “absolutely hated” living in Raleigh N.C.! Fortunate as well that she is married to a Canadian, who was able to readily resolve that problem, by simply moving to Canada. Lois and her husband have now settled into life in Ontario, in the village of Lambeth, where she enjoys “small town” life, albeit, within a big city. North Carolina’s loss is our gain, as Lois brings with her, very considerable art talents for us to enjoy.
Lois Fuchs is a Master Painter in pastels. Artist Pastels are not the chalk you used in school, but are the same pure ground pigments you will find in any artist grade paint. Instead of using oil or acrylic to bind the pigments together so they fit into tubes, the manufacturer uses gum arabic to shape the pure dry pigment into cylinders, which are then dried, and wrapped in paper. These artist grade pastel sticks are quite heavy, not at all like blackboard or sidewalk chalk.
The pastellist then paints directly onto special paper with a stick of pure pigment. This type of painting is probably the most direct form of creating art possible. There is no tool between the artist, the paint, and the paper. This immediacy, gives the artist a tactile connection with the art that we all might recall from the joys of finger painting, way back in our kindergarten days.
While this may sound simple, it's not. A pastel artist studies, and practices as much as any other artist to master the techniques.
Lois enjoyed painting when her children were small, and found that pastels offered an easy transition between painting, and caring for her family’s needs. But to really be immersed in, and study her chosen craft, she returned to university after her children were grown and achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She has also achieved juried membership in the prestigious Pastel Society of America.
Lois is an award winning member of the Brush and Palette Club of London, and the Lambeth Art Association. Her art can also be seen at the Art With Panache Gallery on Fullerton Street in London, where the artists are encouraged to paint while on duty.
So, if you are interested in this form of art, you might wish to drop by, see the artist “in action”, and be able to ask questions.Lois will be our guest artist for the month of September: we are not yet able to host an opening reception, but we do encourage you to visit the gallery to see the work of this very talented artist.
Lois Fuchs’ work will be on display, and available for purchase during our open hours, Wednesday to Saturday 10-4, at the Goderich CoOp Gallery, 54 Courthouse Square, Lower Level. There is always a member artist on hand to greet visitors. We do ask you to honour covid precautions, please wear a mask, cleanse hands, and maintain social distance during your visit.
Article by Judy Barker.
 Visit to see more on Lois and her beautiful artwork.
 Udderly Content by Lois FuchsUdderly Content by Lois Fuchs



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