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Gail Snyder - Painter

 Media Preferences - oil and acrylic paints


Since childhood, I have spent time exploring Ontario’s beautiful forests, lakes and rivers. I am particularly fascinated by the diverse rock formations found across the province; the layered limestone of the Niagara Escarpment, the rolling white quartz of the La Cloche Range and brilliant red granite of Superior’s north shore. I continue to explore the natural beauty of Ontario while camping, by kayak or on trails in all seasons. The photographs taken on these excursions are the basis of my landscape paintings.

My work is an attempt to capture the way the sun’s light strikes tree, rock and water at a particular moment. I hope the viewer will have a sense of that moment or that the painting will recall a place they have been.

 I feel very fortunate to have more time to explore landscape painting since retiring to Goderich following a career in teaching.



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