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Elfi Enns: Oils 

I am continually influenced by nature and colour, a flashbulb, a bright palette of colour that has the overwhelming immediate impact of a sun-baked landscape. I wonder about the eternal power of paint. Surfaces rich with textural variety, become a metaphor for nature itself.

I am an artist, who is creative, original, independent, self-expressive, and perhaps self-absorbed.

Art is a partner in modern creative discoveries and a higher consciousness that transforms into the seed of something new. The rules of the game are not something to play by, but to play with. The modern artist is not being kicked out of the game, but expanding the way the game might be played.

At the beginning I begin to paint with no preparation and no planning. The result always comes as a surprise. What is expressed in the process of reaching the beginning is immediate experience. There is a sense of timelessness that occurs during the most creative moments. In my studio, I am following a path which leads to the ultimate vision of reality. It is not so much about outward knowledge, but inner experience.

I want to provoke the viewer to develop the potential awareness we all have within us, but which is stifled by industrial society. Painting does not speak some arcane language that we need a special skill to master, in fact bypasses language.

You may find that a painting that attracts you immediately, soon begins to seem over obvious and boring, while another, that at first sight seemed difficult, may in the long run afford you more lasting pleasure. Not only do our tastes change in art, as in everything else, but also the appetite for looking at paintings usually increases with experience.

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