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Dagmar Crawford 

Costume Jewellery, Painting and Photography


All her life Dagmar has loved to design things and has been happiest when she can create something new.  That all came to a sudden halt in 2012 when she developed autonomic dysfunction after a major surgery.  Living with this disability has been challenging on a day to day basis but she recently has been able to adapt and find a way that she can once again create new pieces when she has a better day.Dagmar lives with her husband John and their fur baby in Goderich, Ontario which is known nation wide as the “Prettiest Little Town in Canada”.  Located on the eastern shore of Lake Huron, at the mouth of the Maitland River, with it facing the lake to the west it is notable for its Sunsets….a Photographers Paradise.

When creating necklaces, bracelets and earrings she is inspired by silver plated metal spacers, hearts, toggle clasps, bright coloured glass beads, glass pieces washed ashore, and semi-precious stones.  Some of Dagmar’s pieces have travelled as far as Wales, England, Belgium, Mexico and Cuba.


Bracelets can be designed and created for friends or family members.  They are a way to feel connected and/or give support, to remember happy occasions or in support of a loved one fighting cancer or other illness. Dagmar says,  "I often wear a green one that has been dear to me for 17 years.  It started with 7 friends wearing it in support of one of them fighting cancer and for the past 13 years to give comfort as a reminder to treasure the time they had together. Always loved, never forgotten."

Bridesmaids- Custom designs are available at an affordable price

Bride -  "My  friend Denise asked me to create the vision she had in mind for her necklace;  boy was I nervous!  It ended up being the perfect necklace design to go with the bride's gorgeous dress because it was custom made to be just the right length," recalls Dagmar.

Family/Friend Necklaces- Mother & daughter, sisters, friends

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