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Roslyn Cook - Soul Scapes - Fabric Art and Mosaics

 Roslyn Cook is a multi-talented artist currently working with mosaics and hand embroidery. Using original designs, she creates colourful and energetic works of art.



Starting with natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen or silk, the base material is then prepared utilizing various techniques which can include hand dying or applique. A design can then be transferred onto the base, and the unique hand embroidery is applied.


Starting with custom cut wooden backboards as the base, various hand cut pieces of stained glass, vintage china and jewellery are then arranged and glued to the surface. Grouting is the final step.


Long walks along Lake Huron and nearby woods inspire all aspects of Roslyn’s art. The tranquility of these walks provoke a passion for her work that is both grounding and healing. The vintage china and jewellery in her mosaic hearts can often inspire conversation as people recognize a certain teacup or plate.

Roslyn has worked in the arts for over 40 years. She started with stained glass, which over time evolved into mixed media mosaics incorporating the glass and other repurposed materials. After a winter of sitting, due to injury, she found the slow stitching of embroidery to be very healing. This love of embroidery was inspired by her mother’s talented hand stitching, and the community quilting bees she often hosted. From this a new passion was born for the creative process of Fabric Art.

Roslyn lives in Goderich and works from her home studio. She is passionate about participating in community projects and is active in the Celtic College, teaching mosaic and embroidery courses. She marvels at the creativity the students show while they are learning a new skill.

Available for private lessons and custom work, you can contact her at 519 524 2993 or

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