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I’I’ve been interested in photography since I was a kid, but as with many of my other hobbies, it got put on the back burner during my working years. Nevertheless, with the help of my wife Judy, I slowly accumulated equipment through the years, only to find it obsolete by the time I retired.


When Judy and I moved to Goderich in 2005, my interest in photography took off, fuelled largely by the presence of Sky Harbour Aircraft, which enabled me to capture images of newly repainted “Warbirds”, aircraft of WWII vintage, as well as other aircraft of interest. Some of those images I managed to get published in aviation magazines. The digital cameras and lenses I purchased to capture those images, as well as computers and software to process them led me to look for subject matter further afield, eventually leading to our joining the Co-op Gallery, and my joining Elizabeth’s (of Elizabeth’s Gallery) DPI photography group.


Sky Harbour Aircraft has now closed down, and I’ve lost the closest source of my favourite subject matter. Nevertheless, I’ll capture aircraft wherever I can, along with another favourite,- trains, simply because I like being around them. Other than those two subjects, I keep my eyes open for whatever imagery strikes me.


The pace of technological change has its pros and cons. For many years, the technology of cameras, enlargeners, developing tanks, and other such equipment changed slowly, but the cost of film, chemicals, and the time it took to process them, limited the numbers of pictures one could afford to take at any one time. Now, you can take hundreds of pictures in a day if you wish, and afford to toss out many that don’t measure up,- but cameras, computers and software become obsolete almost on the day you purchase them, leading to a seemingly never ending spiral of expensive upgrades.


Because of that, I’ve decided to get off of the equipment spiral, and get away from trying to concentrate solely on creating technically good photographs. With the help of software, I’m now trying to create more “artistic” images, deleting, manipulating or emphasizing whatever elements within an image appeal to me. This has the benefit of salvaging some images that I liked, but was dissatisfied with as photographs.


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