Winter Hours

Wed to Sat

10:am till 4:pm

Suzanne Brandon


Media Preferences: Acrylics

Painting is just an expansion of my need to explore, learn and try new things.


I learned to sew when I was young and necessity expanded that when I got married and had two girls. Making outfits was just something that saved money and gave self satisfaction. This grew into custom sewing that demanded creativity and a measure of artistic ability.


I first experimented with painting in the Bahamas while living on our boat for the winter. Watercolor was my chosen medium and it was a disastrous experience, I moved to acrylics, somewhat more forgiving for me.


Landscapes are one of my favorites, probably from being raised in the country, and from boating. In the past couple of years I’ve tried to explore more in water colors and mixed media. With no professional training and being self taught, I read art books, watch videos and practice. I’ve attended a few small workshops and give credit to Anita Wood, artist, for pulling me out of my small world and spreading my horizons.


I’m proud to have some of my work, in New Brunswick, California, Bahamas, Florida and in Ontario



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