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Nature, Landscape & Inspirational Photography


I still remember the thrill of taking my first picture, holding my Mother’s Brownie Camera with the little glass bubble on top and the lever on the side … the lever that held the power to capture what stood before me … my family squinting into the sun as I stood with my back to the sun. My first “lesson” in photography!

Since then photography has changed, cameras have changed and I have changed. I have loved photography ever since that memorable day and have taken many photographs over the years, some of them even showing my creative side, but my photography really improved when I began taking online courses in 2013. 

I enjoy taking nature shots and I am thrilled when I can find a verse that goes well with the resulting image. Then, I like to combine all of that with my love for vintage and antique things by seeking out a unique frame for my images.

If you enjoy my work but it is not the size that would fit in your space, I am very flexible in printing to suit your needs. Also, if you would prefer a different verse or no verse I will work with that as well. Please inquire at the desk or contact me using the information provided on my business card.


Blessings, Sandy

There is plenty of conveniently located parking on the square.

Sandy's Image Gallery