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April - Exposure 2018

The Goderich CoOp Gallery is all ready for Exposure 2018, and we hope you are as well! This will be an exciting year. We have expanded the number of days for entries to the Gallery, this year, the entry window will be from March 7 to March 31st, Wednesday to Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The entry fee will remain unchanged. Also, for the first time his year, we will be offering a VIEWER'S CHOICE AWARD; for the duration of the show, viewers will be offered a ballot to vote for their favourite piece of work. The artist with the most votes will receive a $200.00 Framing Certificate for Elizabeth's Gallery. Elizabeth is also making it easier for you to make your entries "ready to hang" by offering artists a 30% DISCOUNT for all framing for their Exposure entries! You can download a registration form from our Web-Site, or pick up an entry at the Gallery.


So......other than actually making the art, we have tried to do everything in our power to make it easier for you to EXPOSE your art! Don't be shy, share your talent, pull that art out from under the bed, or where it's hiding in your closet. Come know you want to. Show your hidden talents this year, bring in those pieces to Exposure 2018 at the Goderich CoOp Gallery.


Thats not all that is happening at the Gallery. If you recall, member artists were given a challenge back in December. All the painters...16 in number were given a small piece of a picture plus a canvas, and sent off to enlarge and paint our piece of the puzzle "in our own style". So away we went, some of us got right to business, painting our piece weeks ago, others needed a bit of time to ponder, and so are rushing to finish on time. None of us have known what any of the others are painting, none of us know what the whole picture looks like. Our pieces are now completed, and ready to be delivered to the Gallery. The "puzzle masters", will then assemble all these pieces, according to their master map, and the result will be hung on our Feature Wall. This will be in place during the first week of March, and we are all eager to see the completed learn just what it is that we have been painting! We hope you will be curious as well. This project has generated a lot of discussion...and curiosity among members, as we all try to figure out just what we might be working on, how will the finished  piece look, we are all as curious as you might be to see the results of our efforts!


Drop in for a look, see what you think of our " puzzle", see what else is happening at the Gallery, and pick up your entry form for Exposure while you are there. Our guests from Community Living and L'Arche are still on display, and their beautiful and colourful pieces are brightening these last days of winter. Winter hours are still in effect Wednesday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m- 4:00 p.m. until the first of April. We are also looking forward to seeing lots of new talent on display during the "Exposure" month of April

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