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Media Preferences:

Oil, watercolour, acrylic gels, mixed media

My early experiences of “shifts” between culures contributed to my education as much as school and has left a profound effect. These "shifts" have enabled me to deal with change and ambiguity.

Arriving in Goderich in 1976, and starting to paint has allowed me to express the joy I feel in nature and my responsiveness to the natural world. Huron County provides an inexhaustible source of material and it is my privilege to record it. 

Artist's Statement:

“I paint with the intention of sharing the exuberance, complexity, humour and abundance of the world around me. My method is to paint with directness and yet try to retain the intangible quality that attracts my mind’s eye”.

My paintings are to be found in Canada, USA, Germany, Hong Kong, and who knows where. 

My work can be found in:

Goderich Co-Op Gallery

54 Courthouse Square

Goderich, Ontario


Queen's bakery

430 Queen Street

Blyth, Ontario


Holmesville Gallery

500 Holmes Street

Holmesville, Ontario


Contact Information:

Phone: 519-524-2074


There is plenty of conveniently located parking on the square.

Madeleine's Image Gallery