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January - NEW this year at the GCG

The New Year will see some changes at the Goderich CoOp Gallery; we will begin the year with a new President. Our long serving President, Jerry McDonnell, is retiring, and Bill Creighton will be stepping into this role.


The New Year at the GCG begins with a display of children's art work from the young artists of St.Mary's School. This display will show until mid February, when residents of L' Arche, Stratford will be our guest artists. We look forward to seeing the art produced by both these groups, and do invite you to drop in to the gallery frequently over the next three months to view the work.


March will see us trying something different. In December, each member was sent home with a blank canvas, and a small piece of a picture. It is like having one small piece of a puzzle, but none of us know what the whole picture is. We are to enlarge and paint our own artistic interpretation of this piece, and return our completed paintings to the Gallery on the first of March. Our "puzzle masters" Sandy, Jerry, and Tom, will then reassemble the canvases into the completed picture. All we can hope is that the small part which we do individually, and in secret, will fit into its proper place, and match its neighbouring piece.  None of us know what the complete picture looks like, none of us are allowed to discuss our work with other members, all we know is our small part, and all we can do is keep our fingers crossed that our piece will fit, both spatially, and colour-wise. So, stay tuned! We will be inviting you to visit and view the final product in March.


Finally, we wish to remind our visitors that we are now on "winter hours", open from Wednesday to Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Drop in this winter, see first the children's art, then the L' Arche artist's work, followed by the Gallery members puzzle art. We would also like YOU to get out your brushes and paints, your cameras, or woodwork, your sculpture or your pencils in preparation for your entry to "EXPOSURE 2018",  which will open on April 1, 2018. Even in winter, there is lots happening at the Goderich CoOp Gallery. Watch our web site, or drop in later in March for your entry form for Exposure 2018.



February - L'Arche Stratford

One of the outreach programs of the Goderich CoOp Gallery is to offer gallery space for art displays by various community programs, and this winter we are pleased to open our gallery to visitors from both L'Arche Stratford, and Community Living Central Huron. It is a pleasure to share our gallery with artists from these communities, and be able to encourage expression of artistic talents.


Both of these organizations arose in the early 1960's with the recognition that all members of a community deserve the opportunity to be stimulated, challenged, and valued by society as a whole. While the Community Living Program is an organization begun through Government sponsorship, the L' Arche movement grew from an initiative by Jean Vanier in France in 1964. Both programs developed in unique ways during those early years, but the goals and values for each have always been very similar. Community Living as a more secular program, and L'Arche with a more religious focus; both working to serve the integration of member clients into their community.


L'Arche Stratford began in 1973, and has grown and developed into a very integral part of Stratford. Community Living Central Huron, began with a children's program in the early 1960's, adding an adult day program in 1965, and a residential component in 1978. Both programs, in their unique ways, offer citizens with special needs a way to integrate into the community, and for their communities, in return, to accept and value each citizen.


Many of the values and goals are common to each of these community associations;  such as valuing each member in society, realizing that we all have a need for social inclusion, knowing that we all need to have an outlet for our creativity and energy, and the value of all citizens coming together to share different talents and abilities. Each of these organizations believes that all members in society possess talents and skills, and we all benefit when we share these. And that by this open sharing, purpose and fulfillment for all members are achieved. Like a jig saw puzzle, where each and every piece fits neatly together to complete the whole picture, so too does any society require the time and talent of each of its members to create a vibrant and thriving whole.


Both Stratford L'Arche, and Goderich Community Living embody these principles, and values. In addition to volunteering their time and talent, members also participate in a wide variety of creative pursuits, such as music, crafts, social and spiritual outings, and regular physical activities, such as walking, swimming, dancing, and special occasion parties. And, now for the next six weeks, you will have an opportunity to learn more about both of these Community resources, as we open gallery space to show the work of some of the creative members of these two vibrant groups.


We invite you to visit the Goderich CoOp Gallery from Feb 17 until March 30 to see some of the artistic creations on display. We will be hosting a reception on Saturday February 17, from 2:00 -4:00 p.m., to welcome our guests, and we invite you to join us, to help them feel welcome, and meet some of the artists and their friends.


Just a brief reminder to all creative people in Huron County. EXPOSURE 2018 is coming soon. If you haven't already started, get out your pencils, pens, brushes, markers, yarn, brushes, paint, cameras....possibly even your needles and threads.  Whatever creative expression that you would like to share with friends and neighbours in your community, you will have the  opportunity to display your work at the Goderich CoOp Gallery for the month of April. There will be application forms available both in person and on line beginning March 7. Our winter hours are still in effect, Wednesday through Saturday, from 10:00 - 4:00.


Mandala painted at L'Arche Stratford, by community participants, showing some of the important principles.



April - EXPOSURE 2018

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