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Guest Artist of the Month 




 Martina Bruggeman, and Debra McArthur
October will be an exciting month for our guest artist program at the Goderich CoOp Gallery. We are hosting two artists, Martina Bruggeman, and Debra McArthur, both of whom are members of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Both of these talented painters focus the subject of their art on “planet earth”; Martina with paintings of water, and Debra painting the scenery of the area countryside.
Both artists have come late to art. Martina had worked for a number of years before deciding that she simply had to do what her spirit demanded, and she began to focus her efforts on becoming a full time painter. She paints dramatic, large canvases, and has chosen water as her specialty...mainly the water found in beautiful Lake Huron with its ever changing moods, and colour shifts. Martina has achieved Signature Status with the Federation of Canadian Artists. An accomplishment which represents a lot of determination and hard work.
Debra took a different path. She had worked in the health care field in British Columbia, and upon her retirement, decided that she wanted to learn to paint. She researched, and decided that she wanted the very best instruction. Since she lived in British Columbia at the time, she went directly to the source, the Federation of Canadian Artists, which is located in Vancouver, and joined as an associate member. With this membership, she was then able to take lessons and learn her art skills from the master painters who give classes there.
Eventually, Debra moved to Bayfield, where she is now focussing on discovering and painting the Ontario landscape. The day after we met, she was heading off to the Bruce peninsula for a solo painting adventure, which she has since reported was a great success; and she is currently planning further solo painting excursions. Debra is very close to submission of her final painting requirements for
achievement for her designation of Signature Status in the Federation of Canadian Painters.
For these two talented artists, from opposite ends of this vast country to come together as painting friends is a wonderful opportunity for CoOp Gallery visitors. Where better for them to have found inspiration for their paintings than in the midst of Ontario’s “West Cost” scenery? And, where better for us to be able to see the mastery of these painting friends up close and personal, than at the Goderich CoOp Gallery during the month of October.
You will be able to meet both artists at our welcome reception on Saturday October 5, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the gallery, 54 Courthouse Square, lower level. Come on down, join us, as we welcome these accomplished artists to our gallery. We are open daily Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 5:00.


 Guest Artist Information

Thank you for your interest in being a guest artist.  I am attaching the form that you would need to fill out. As well, to finalize acceptance, we would require at least two high quality photos of your work and a short bio, these can be sent as an email.  There is a cost associated with being a guest artist. This provides you with the space for one month, an opening reception and advertising in local papers. Our members staff the gallery, so your attendance is required only at the opening, after that, you are, of course, welcome at any time and we would love to see you there as often as you can make it in. While we will do advertising for your opening, you are strongly encouraged to do your part to promote your event. So get out there and invite all the clients, friends and relatives that you can.  The costs varies with the month as follows: May $150, June $200, July and August $250, September to November $200, December $150. Payment is due at the time that you bring your work in for hanging (sometime during the last week before your month begins).


Our hanging committee takes care of hanging your work. You are required to make certain that all of your pieces have gallery style wire and hooks. No other form of hanging system will be accepted. If in doubt, please contact the gallery prior to bringing your work in for hanging.


Additional to the above costs, the gallery retains a 20% commission on all sales.


Guest Artist’s Agreement for the Use of the “Feature Wall”


1. The Goderich C0-Op members agree to allow a selected guest artist to make use of the “Feature Wall” for the purpose of  display for the period of one month.


2. Rental cost will vary depending on the chosen month as follows:

May $150, June $200, July and August $250, September to November $200, December $150. Payment is due at the time that you bring your work in for hanging (sometime during the last week before your month begins).


3. There is no restriction to the number of works displayed. However, the presentation style must be complimentary to the general appearance of the gallery. The Goderich Co-Op Gallery members retain the right of refusal if the display is deemed unsatisfactory in appearance.


4. The guest artist agrees to take full responsibility for his/her own work. The gallery does not assume responsibility for damages and does not insure the work.


5. The gallery will carry normal levels of tenants and premises liability insurance.


6. The guest artist agrees to provide proper gallery style hooks and wires for all two dimensional works.


7. If tables or other special display cases are required the artist must inform the hanging committee prior to the date of hanging.


8. All sales are subject to 20% commission. If a credit card is used for the purchase an additional 2.5% charge is applied.


9. If, an opening reception is requested by the artist, he/she is required to be present during the event.


10. The Gallery agrees to publicize the exhibit and its opening in the course of its normal promotional activity; media releases, information items in media columns, posters, etc. A gallery representative will be touch to obtain all of the artist’s relevant information for promotional purposes.


11. Arrangements for the removal of this exhibition must be made prior to the closing of the show.


Exhibition Information:


Exhibition Start Date: _________________ Completion Date: ____________­_______

Name: __________________________________________________________________________

Address and postal code: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone number: ________________________________________________________________

Email address:


I, the guest artist for the month of ___________________, agree to all of the above terms.

Signature: ______________________________________________________________________



Artist’s checklist:


All promotional information such as biographies and high quality photos of your work are given to the gallery representative.


All two dimensional pieces are ready for the hanging committee with proper gallery quality hanging wires and hooks.


You have confirmed with the representative your wishes regarding an opening event. If you have chosen to have an opening, you agree to be present during that event.


You have made every effort on your part to self promote your exhibition.


You have made your payment to the gallery of your fees.


You have made arrangements for the dismantling of your exhibit at the end of your time.