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Reflections Glass Studio


I have been working in stained glass for over 30 years.  My work is primarily flat glass, intended for private or public spaces, enhanced with sandblasting and glass painting.  I work with both leaded glass and copper foil.


My work is rooted in an understanding of the past.  Having studied traditional stained glass, I know that the transmission of light is the essential function.  My work probes the mysterious process by which light is transformed into ideas and emotions. 


Colour and light are the twin elements which enliven stained glass.


Line and form are the bones that give structure to colour and light.


Always in my work, there has been a desire to balance a traditional visual vocabulary with a modern sensibility, reflecting my belief in the universal nature of patterns.  I believe they transcend time and place, and because they arise from nature itself, occur in many cultures.  I find inspiration in many geometric patterns, quilt designs, Celtic or Arabic motifs, trees and plants, indeed, nature itself. I work in several styles.  For a complete overview see my website, Reflections Glass Studio 


While I make work inspired by these ideas, I also enjoy creating original custom work for clients.  There are many reasons why clients may wish to commission stained glass.  Perhaps it is to mark a special occasion, enhance a space, to hide an unsightly view or create greater privacy.  Whatever the reason,  I enjoy the challenge of finding creative ways to bring beauty into their environment through stained glass. 

For information on the process of commissioning glass, see the link below... 


I have been a long time resident of Huron County.  However, in the past year I have moved to Goderich and am pleased to join this local group of artists at The Co-op Gallery.  


There is plenty of conveniently located parking on the square.



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